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Gift Cards:

Lenticular Cards: Lenticular is the creation of an illusion of movement, depth and perspective within flat printed images on gift cards. We achieve this illusion by manipulating flat images with sophisticated software before printing directly onto a sheet of material containing thousands of lenses called lenticules.


Special Finishes: Adding a special finish over and above a standard printed plastic gift and loyalty card can significantly add value to the cards perception as a product to the consumer and therefore has the ability to drive sales of your product over the competition.


Open Loop Cards: Open loop plastic gift cards provide both the consumer and the issuer with flexibility and choice. The virtue of open loop plastic gift cards is that they allow the consumer choice of purchasing style and also location of spend; they can be purchased for example online and redeemed in high street locations or shopping malls.


Closed Loop Cards: Closed loop plastic gift cards are primarily used to acquire incremental sales revenue and help promote consumer brand awareness for the respective retail brand. Through the issuance of a closed loop plastic gift card, retailers can drive footfall and realise an increase in overall consumer spending as well as increased value of individual sales.

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Phone Cards:

Inline personalisation lines ensure that total production control is maintained with complete quality assurance video camera technology ensures PIN and scratch panels are checked on every single telephone card. Security against error ensures 100% accuracy to your prepaid products.


To make your company stand out, develop your customer relationships and, most importantly, get your brand delivering value, POS4 has several solutions that will satisfy the most demanding customers. Thanks to our wide range of effects and materials and our creative designs, everyone who carries your card will be aware of the special attention you pay to him or her.

Banking Cards:

This bespoke secure solution is available in many shapes and sizes and can be adapted to any pre-determined dimension, enabling us to conform to any existing Giftcard centre or point of sale display.


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There are so many features and modifications that can be added to our plastic cards such as: Chip Card Encoding; Magnetic Stripe Encoding; Embossing; Indent Printing; Thermal Printing; Carrier Match & Attach

POS/Promotional Cards:

Envelopes: Produced in various sizes and in both windowed and non-windowed varieties and adorned with text or logos as required. For direct mailing, the envelope is the first point of contact with your customer or potential customer. Make sure your product makes the right impact.


Letterheads: As well as having the ability to personalize letterheads complete with matching and attaching facilities, POS4 can also print your letterheads, meaning no unnecessary transportation of pre-printed material, eliminating associated costs.


Inserts: Customers need information and if you're printing prepaid telephone cards, the amount of information required on the card reverse becomes too difficult to read and understand user instructions. The insert is an effective solution. Multiple page folder inserts wrapped together with your telephone card allows you to communicate more effectively and giving your customers a greater user experience.


Booklets: Like inserts, booklets allow a wealth of opportunities for you to communicate your company, products and philosophies to your customers.


Posters: Available in A3, A4, and a selection of other sizes, a full colour poster displayed in a busy retail environment is a real attention grabber and is a great way of allowing your product to leap out from the crowd.


Wobblers: Getting your products noticed in a busy retail environment when your product is tucked in with rival products can be challenging. Wobblers can help. A precise definition is difficult but wobblers can best be described as variously shaped advertising pieces which hang off cash registers, boxes, shelves, etc with the aim of grabbing the attention of passers-by.


Boxes: Boxes used to house cards in a retail environment carry great advertising potential. Placing near a cash register allows potential customers ample opportunity to take in your product.


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